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Tips for Making more Money in Sims Freeplay Cheats

Tips for Making more Money in Sims Freeplay Cheats

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If you’re a fun of Sims freeplay cheats, you know how useful Simoleons and lifestyle points (LP) are. You need these two currencies in order to get the best items in the game. However, the problem is, it can take forever to accumulate these currencies, especially if you are unskilled at making money here.

The following are tips and tricks for making more money with this game:

1 Complete tasks

Did you know that Simoleons earn a lot only when they’re inspired? Therefore, in order to get them making more money for you, you have to fulfill their needs. To do this, select them and look at the bar. If the Sim is bored, rest them by helping them watch some TV. If they’re hungry, use the fridge to get them some food.


Raise their energy by letting them take espresso. In fact, if you regularly do this, you won’t need to sleep at night. And when interacting with other Sims, make sure you’re funny, because this raises the bar.

2 Make and sell goods

You have to start a business if you’re going to be rich here. Buy a stove and begin baking pancakes and cookies. Once you’ve sharpened your skills, you can start baking chocolate cakes since these fetch more. When you sell these items, you increase your LP points.

3 Use your Sim’s dog to dig more money and LP points

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Whenever the dog manages to dig LP points, you must praise him so he knows that he should keep digging them over and over again. You can even buy him a bone for 2 lifestyle points. It encourages him.

Keep in mind that the more expensive your pet is, the more LP and Simoleons it will earn you.

However, in the event that the dog doesn’t have a dig or pounce sign on it, get a child to play with it. Usually, when this happens, the dog walks away. Do this twice or even thrice and it will lead to discovering even more LP.

4 Both you and your Sim must work

When your Sim works, they earn money which they keep. And when you work too, you end up being promoted, thus you earn more Simoleons.

5 Make your Sims grow vegetables

At night, have them do some gardening work. They could work for 7 to 8 hours during the night. So when you wake up, you should have more points. Only ensure they are properly energized because this will earn you 1.5 times the Simoleons.

The cheats, the tricks and the hacks

In this game, users are awarded 5 LP every time they reach a new population milestone. However, if they delete an item, they are taken a few points below the milestone gained. At this point, users must end the game in the multi task menu. Whenever they put the game on again, they will realize they can achieve that milestone again. At this point, they can buy another item and, Viola, another 5 Lifestyle Points!

How to earn endless money

With the additional LP, you could decide to buy a coffin bed for just 6LP and sell it for 2000! This process can be repeated as many times as you wish.

Final tip

Walk into any store to buy some items. However, the moment you push the button, exit the game. Give it another 10 seconds before returning back. This time, everything should be free and unlimited.

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